Our Commitment

QualTex Laboratories is a global healthcare contributor, committed to service, quality, and performance excellence. Our mission is to support global public safety with the delivery of high quality testing services for patients, donors, and regulated biological products.

Commitment to Innovation
QualTex Laboratories is committed to being a global leader in the field. We strive to utilize technologically advanced strategies and to provide state-of-the-art processes and services for our customers.

Commitment to Quality
We are dedicated to exceeding the highest standards of quality in biological testing. QualTex Laboratories continuously raises the "quality bar." To demonstrate our commitment to quality, we have received and maintained numerous accreditations and certifications.

Commitment to Excellence
As an organization, we are committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers. We strive to deliver value, accurate and timely results, and excellent customer service. Our organization is committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement to achieve and sustain performance excellence.

Commitment to Community
We are dedicated to helping and improving the community in which we work and live. We encourage our employees to create a healthy work and life balance and provide resources for personal growth and development. We foster a culture of team work, open communication, and respect, encouraging our employees to be active participants in the work place. We sponsor several initiatives throughout the year focused on the improvement and sustainment of our community.

Commitment to Environment
QualTex Laboratories is committed to doing our part to support, promote and engage in resource conservation, renewable energy use, recycling, and other forms of waste reduction. We have taken major steps to improve environmental consciousness among our employees and have created a core team that will facilitate environmental initiatives throughout the organization.