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Recent News Articles

QualTex is contracted to perform blood testing for unique patients
February 5, 2014

ATLANTA -- LifeSouth Community Blood Centers has partnered with QualTex Laboratories to provide immunohematology reference laboratory testing services for hospitals in Georgia that require special and unique blood products.

QualTex’s new state-of-the-art immunohematology reference lab specializes in the identification and resolution of red cell transfusion compatibility problems.

While, for most patients, a match of an AB, A, B or O blood type and an Rh-positive or negative is enough, some patients need more exacting matches. By looking at additional markers in the red blood cells, the IRL can find a type that is the most compatible and least likely to cause a transfusion reaction. This special testing is most often needed by patients with sickle cell disease and different forms of anemia - patients who frequently require transfusions.                   

January 28, 2014

Dirk W. Johnson, a 20-year veteran of the blood services industry, has been named chief operating officer of San Antonio-based QualTex Laboratories, the largest independent, nonprofit testing laboratory in the U.S. for blood and plasma products. The announcement was made by Linda Myers, CEO of BioBridge Global, which was established last year as the nonprofit parent company for QualTex, the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, GenCure and the Blood and Tissue Center Foundation. 

QualTex Laboratories was spun off from the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center in 2007 to provide advanced testing services for blood and plasma screening, reference testing and clinical research. With 222 employees at facilities in San Antonio and Norcross, Ga., QualTex tests millions of samples each year for biotechnology customers across the globe.

September 28, 2013

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June 27, 2013
The organization’s board created the holding company in 2012 to oversee and support its main business units, which include STBTC, QualTex Laboratories and GenCure, as well as the Blood and Tissue Center Foundation.