Scott Jones, PhD selected to Speak at South Central Association of Blood Banks Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, TX

March 28, 2014

SAN ANTONIO – QualTex Laboratories’ Vice President of Scientific Affairs Scott Jones, PhD has been selected to speak at the annual South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB) meeting in Fort Worth, TX, Sunday, March 30.

Jones was nominated to speak as the technical/scientific lecturer at the event because of his 15 years of experience in performing blood screening for infectious agents and in developing nucleic acid testing (NAT) assays for Parvo-B19 and HAV.

“Back in 2010, blood banks started screening recovered plasma for Parvo-B19 and HAV” said Jones. “There were no commercial assays available to test for Parvo-B19 and HAV. So, as a laboratory, we developed our own tests in house to help meet the industries needs.”

Both tests are still being used by QualTex Laboratories today, but as blood banks around the country are being asked to do more with less, Jones plans to share his experience to help other centers be more creative during difficult times.