CTRL meeting needs of cellular therapy industry

Breaking down acronyms with the experts who work with them day in and day out
March 25, 2019

Karen Leighton, Director of CTRL, helps QualTex Laboratories with overseeing customized testing for customer industries and cellular therapy clients. She answers the question “What is CTRL?”

What is CTRL?

CTRL is the Cell and Tissue Reference Lab and a part of QualTex Laboratories. It is comprised of the Microbiology and Confirmatory labs, with a Cellular Therapy Testing lab in development.

Our multi-purpose lab of 17 employees performs a series of tests that include:

  • confirmatory testing for blood donors that are reactive for viral marker testing of HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) and syphilis through rapid plasma reagin (RPR)
  • viral marker testing for cadaveric donors and microbial detection of donor tissue
  • microbial detection and identification on platelets, cord blood and environmental monitoring plates
  • sterility testing on tissue products

CTRL is working on assays to test cellular therapy products for sterility, viability, characterization and potency. Products include product-specific supernatants, cellular materials, cellular lysates, and plasma/serum.

Our department helps BioBridge Global and its subsidiaries by ensuring new cellular therapy treatments and tissue products are safe and effective, as well as provide alternate revenue streams from donor screening.

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