About Us

QualTex Laboratories is the largest, independent nonprofit testing laboratory in the U.S. for blood and plasma products. The laboratory is FDA and ISO registered, CLIA certified and an approved and/or accredited testing facility by multiple companies and health ministries worldwide. Our commitment to quality, timely delivery of results, competitive fees, and outstanding customer service has established QualTex as an internationally recognized facility committed to meeting customer needs. QualTex is your partner in the critical mission of saving lives and supporting global public safety by providing advanced testing services for blood and plasma screening, reference testing and clinical research for patients, donors and regulated biological products.
  • Has a customer-centric culture
  • Is an independent nonprofit laboratory
  • Offers innovative testing solutions
  • Maintains multiple lab sites
  • Uses state-of the-art technologies
  • Supports multiple industries

MISSION STATEMENT: QualTex Laboratories is dedicated to supporting global public safety with the timely delivery of high quality testing services for patients, donors, and regulated biological products

VISION STATEMENT: QualTex Laboratories will be a global leader in providing state-of-the-art patient, donor, and biological product testing services through performance excellence.  It will be dedicated to innovation and quality with infrastructures that reflect our core values of realizing sustainable business growth, providing technologically advanced strategies, and our commitment of exceeding customer needs and supporting our communities.